What is dibs?

Dibs is a stupid Chicago tradition where, after a major snowfall, a driver will dig their car out of the snow and call "dibs" on that spot by leaving a placeholder in the freshly-shovelled area. This can be anything from a milk crate to a broken tv console, but nothing says "this public parking spot is mine because I say so" like the classic folding chair. Caution: taking a dibs'ed parking space may result in a keyed car...or worse.

Questions? Wholesale inquiries?

Dibs is created, designed, and assembled by Harebrained and Shawnimals. As simple as it is, you might have a question for us. If so, hit us up here.

Wholesale inquiries

Interested in carrying the Dibs Starter Pack in your store? We'd love that! Get in touch here for that. We offer pretty typical wholesale pricing, and although we have order minimums they are reasonable. We'll need your proper reseller info, of course! Talk soon.

Bulk orders / corporate gifts

True, Dibs Starter Packs would make an amazing gift for your employees, co-workers, colleagues, and other such large groups. We offer a bit of a discount for larger orders, so get in touch here on that.

General inquiries here: DIBS @ IMALS . COM

Note: this product is fulfilled by Shawnimals or Harebrained, shipped from Chicago.